I am interested in capturing very specific moods that emphasize light and distance. I like shadows that seem to appear out of nowhere that establish a dark or mysterious vibe. I am often drawn to a light in the distance because that is where my eye goes whenever I go out to take photos. I am interested in the way that distance itself can convey gaps in thinking.

I enjoy drawing and sculpting monsters and have been drawn to movies, creature design, and narratives for as long as I can remember. I have spent the last six months painting non-stop, particularly focused on creating textures and negative spaces, seeking fluidity in the same gaps that have always fascinated me. I seek light in forest spaces, between tree branches, and am always seeking new ways to see.
I start my paintings using the structure of trees, including many of the trees I have photographed. Ultimately they are landscapes.

In addition to creating art, I have been heavily involved in theater and in acting. I find that performing fills me with the same sense of hope and play that art does.

I am interested in any discipline that allows me to continue to reach, take risks, create, and ultimately close the gap.

I am fourteen years older than my youngest brother, who was born weighing merely a pound. Now four, he continues to inspire me to play. As far as my career goals go, they include finding a place in this world that welcomes this sense of play.

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